Lake Jovita Security and Gate Access

Lake Jovita Security and Gate Access

Security and Gate Access
To speak to a guard at the Front Entrance
Call - (352) 588-9665

**The Guard House is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Also, each evening a roving guard drives throughout the community to help keep us safe.

Lake Jovita is neither a castle with a moat, a prison with tall walls, or a compound guarded by walls, moats, and pulleys. Lake Jovita provides restricted vehicle and pedestrian access through the front gates. Large areas of the community and golf course adjoin other properties that have no fences or walls to prevent illegal access. Combined with allowing Country Club guests, the HOA can only attempt to prevent unwanted visitors.

In addition to restricting some vehicle and pedestrian access, Lake Jovita does provide a roving guard whose responsibility is to be alert for suspicious activity, and when requested, to walk around homes when the resident is out of town. None of these guard services provide 100% security and are just an additional protective measure. Security is the responsibility of each resident. As in any community, doors should be locked, property secured, and residents should be observant. If questionable activity or individuals are noted, please call the HOA at 352-567-7000 or the guard at 352-588-9665.

**Lake Jovita Residents can authorize guests or company workers visiting them by calling the Guard House or visiting and log in with credentials you can get from the Welcome Center. (352) 567-7000****

If you have a guest staying for an extended period of time, it will be necessary to complete an Extended Gate Pass Applicaton for access to the community.