Florida Wildlife At Lake Jovita

Florida Wildlife At Lake Jovita

Wildlife is abundant at Lake Jovita!

Red Foxes, Racoons, Armadillos, Alligators, Sandhill Cranes, Snakes, Ducks and Eagles are only a few of the many magnificent species of wildlife that you will find in the Lake Jovita community. Here at Lake Jovita, residents respect and coexist with the wildlife and call upon professionals for help when needed. Below are websites and phone numbers to assist you with the wildlife at Lake Jovita.


Alligators are a part of Florida native wildlife in Lake Jovita. When around Florida waters, always expect alligators. Never walk small children or pets near the water's edge. Alligators can be hidden below the water surface and can be quick and fast. Courtship and mating period occurs during the months of April, May, and June. During the Spring alligators can be found moving between bodies of water. Stay out of Lake Jovita waters and never feed the alligators.

For alligator issues, please notify the Welcome Center who will call the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission at (888)-404-3922.