HOA Information

The HOA is governed by five directors that meet no less than one time a quarter. The Board of Directors and their designated committees are charged and responsible for carrying out the purpose of enforcing the Covenants, Rules & Regulations. Annual meetings are held in January of each year.

There is created, pursuant to this Declaration a homeowners association, Lake Jovita Homeowners Association, which shall be an incorporated homeowners association pursuant to Chapter 617, Florida Statutes. The Association is organized for the purpose of maintaining the streets and roadways of the Property; to lease, operate, manage and own the Common Area of the Property, if such Common Area is leased, sold or otherwise dedicated to the Association by the Declarant; to levy and Fees, Charges or Assessments as may be necessary to accomplish the purposes of the Association, as is more fully set forth in the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws to the Association, which are established at the same time as this Declaration for the purpose of establishing the Association as an entity with the authority to act according to its purpose for the operation, maintenance, repair and betterment of the community with respect to that property which is under its direct ownership or control. The Association shall have no greater authority than that granted directly by this Declaration. Specifically, the Association shall not have the Recreational Facilities of the Property unless and until the Declarant relinquishes control for such purpose to the Association, by lease, sale, dedication or other means. The Association Shall have the authority to levy and assess Fees, Charges, and Assessments for the purpose of securing funding to accomplish its purposes and to place a lien upon the Lot and home of any Owner for failure to pay any such Fee, Charge and Assessment, and such lien may be foreclosed as a lien against the property in accordance with Florida law. The authority of the Association is considered to be a covenant running with the land that shall be binding upon the successors in interest to any Lot under this Declaration.

Lake Jovita CCR Summary Homeowners Responsibility